Brittany Mahomes’ old Taylor Swift hate-Tweets go viral now that they are BFFs

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Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift set social media ablaze when they were seen cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs, making celebratory dances and even special handshakes like in high school, but there is always a tweet.

Brittany Mahomes 10-year-old tweets

An unwritten rule is that the Internet always remembers, as a user showed recently when they showed a collection of tweets where she questioned her song-making decisions.

Over a decade ago, unbeknownst about her future, Brittany-yet-to-be Mahomes mentioned tweeted what was on top of her mind.ย  As a fan tweeted some of her 10-year-old tweets “You know what would be a lot more meaningful than Brittany Mahomes deleting her Taylor hate tweets? Brittany made a public apology to Jackson’s SA victim for trying to silence her, Taylor donated money to the victim who lost her business over reporting him”

However, not everyone was on board with the user’s exposure of Mahomes’ tweets, “It’s almost like people can’t learn and grow every year… or decade. Stop spreading hate and be the one to forgive and realize some people have the capability of changing opinions. I grew up in a red state & town. In my mid thru late 20s I changed sooooo much.”

Now that Taylor and Travis Kelce seem to be an item, there are always people who stir up some old laundry.ย  It is more than clear that when people grow up, they leave many things behind, and people have different opinions as time goes by, such is the case of Brittany who surely does not want that to be public.


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