Brittany Mahomes may sell the cardigan she was gifted by Taylor Swift on Poshmark

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Fans think Brittany Mahomes will sell the cardigan she was gifted by Taylor Swift on Poshmark

Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes, the wife of NFL player Patrick Mahomes, have developed a close friendship of late, one which has been well-documented on social media.  They have grown close as the pop star has been attending more Kansas City Chiefs games, supporting her new boyfriend Travis Kelce.


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To celebrate the re-release of her ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ album, Swift sent Brittany a limited-edition cardigan with a reference to her album.

Brittany Mahomes is criticized by fans

Despite their genuine friendship, some fans are skeptical about Brittany’s appreciation for the limited-edition cardigan.  There’s a belief, one spread on social media, that she might store it away or even sell it on platforms such as Poshmark.

“I just know that cardigan is gonna collect dust in her closet,” one Reddit user noted.  “Nah, she’s going to sell it on Poshmark and pretend she didn’t get it for free like all the other PR merch she sells,” another added.

Comparisons between Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift

This isn’t the first time fans have compared the Grammy-winning singer and the former soccer player.  Taylor Swift’s casual gameday style has received praise on Reddit, with fans appreciating her relaxed approach to game outfits.  In contrast, they seem less impressed with Brittany’s attire when attending Chiefs games.


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