British Tennis Beauty Emma Raducanu Bitten by the Love Bug as Rumored Billionaire Boyfriend Brings Much-Needed Peace Amid Uncertainty in Tennis Return

EMMA & Carlo AgostinelliinsFII


Emma Raducanu is one player who surprised everyone with her smashing performance in the 2021 US Open. Unfortunately, she has been unable to repeat such a feat, and her injury only makes it more uncertain. During such tough times, Raducanu has found comfort with her rumored boyfriend as they vacation in Greece.  This news came as her trip to Greece became a central part of her social media presence. The former British number 1, as usual, took to Instagram to show how she enjoyed her lavish holiday.

Emma Raducanu finds a beau?

Before Raducanu reentered the gym after a long absence, she decided to take a break to clear her head in Greece. She vacationed in Hellas, Greece, along with the person she is rumored to be dating. Emma Raducanu and Carlo Agostinelli’s relationship rumors are certainly heating up, as the British player cruised the Aegean Sea with Agostinelli.  As the rumors kept increasing, Raducanu was seen fanning herself with a ‘do not disturb’ hat after joining him on a Greek vacation. Raducanu and the ex-Harrow head boy have yet to reveal the nature of their relationship. However, they have been seen together in Mexico as well.


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Agostinelli is the son of an Italian-American billionaire, Robert Agostinelli. They were seen together for the first time in Mexico during Raducanu’s rehabilitation, and rumors have only increased further since then. Prior to the current picture, Raducanu shared many pictures of her Greece vacation.

When the former British number 1 lived it up in Mexico

Prior to her vacation in Hellas, Raducanu decided to roam around Mexico with none other than her rumored boyfriend, Agostinelli. There, she posed for the Dior Cruise Gala in Mexico City. Despite being on a fashion show, the focus of fans went to the man who was with the Briton. In the post, Raducanu shared many pictures, three of which featured the mystery man, Carlo Agostinelli.

The presence of Agostinelli in the post created a ruckus in the comment section, which did not die out soon. While she stays absent on the court, the Briton has not decided to become a shut-in and explores the world every chance she gets.


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