Bradley Cooper reportedly thinks Tom Brady is a better choice than Irina Shayk’s past boyfriends

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Rumors of Bradley Cooper’s reaction to Irina Shayk’s possible new boyfriend are more nuanced than expected for the world to digest. The actor is allegedly not happy with Irina Shayk moving on from him and probably taking his role as a father to his daughter Lea. However, there seems to be a certain level of acceptance over Irina Shayk’s taste this time around. Bradley Cooper didn’t like some of the Russian model’s previous relationships but he does see Tom Brady as a step in the right direction. OK Magazine reportedly spoke to a person who has inside information on everything that’s happening. They claim Bradley Cooper sees the former NFL quarterback as a step in teh right direction for Irina Shayk.

Irina Shayk’s previous relationships

Saying Tom Brady is a “far better choice” for Irina Shayk than previous boyfriends could refer to a notorious list of men. Three of them are extremely famous but only a few of them have their life together. In 2021, Irina did date rapper Kanye West for a brief period of time between Juna and August. She also famously dated Cristiano Ronaldo for five years, which is her longest relationship to date. Also, Irina Shayk was linked to Leonardo DiCaprio in 2023 but what ever happened between them was brief. Apparently, Bradley Cooper was referring to at least one of all those past relationships. We all know Kanye West’s scandals over the recent years.

Leonardo DiCaprio has a terrible fame for dating women who aren’t past 26 years old, but Irina Shayk is 37 and already has a child. As far as the Portuguese footballer goes, he already has five children and leads a happy life with Georgina Rodriguez. Now that Irina is likely dating Tom Brady, the stable life he leads at least can make Bradley Cooper rest easy. We atill need to get some official confirmation that they are indeed dating but all signs point that they totally are. Still, let’s wait and see how they announce it and if they begin going out in public together without being frightened of paparazzi.


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