Angel Reese’s frustration boils over as Chicago Sky fly commercial, while Caitlin Clark and Fever fly charter

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The Chicago Sky are still dealing with the ongoing challenge of securing chartered flights for their team. Despite the recent announcement from the WNBA that all teams will have access to chartered flights for the season through a partnership with Delta, the Sky have yet to benefit from this arrangement.

As the WNBA opening night approached, player Angel Reese and her teammates found themselves still relying on commercial flights. Reese expressed her frustration with the situation in a recent Instagram story, sharing her hope that the team’s reliance on commercial flights would soon come to an end. “Just praying that this is one of the last commercial flights Chicago Sky has to fly,” Reese wrote, highlighting the difficulties and inconveniences of traveling as a WNBA player.

Reese’s sentiments reflect the ongoing struggle faced by the Sky, especially in light of the recent viral attention garnered by the Indiana Fever for their positive experience on a chartered flight. The stark contrast between the two teams’ travel arrangements has drawn attention to the disparities in resources and support within the league.

The specific reasons behind the Sky’s inability to secure a chartered flight remain unclear, raising questions about the factors contributing to this ongoing challenge. The disparity in travel accommodations has sparked discussions about the impact on player well-being and the competitive balance within the league.

Chicago Sky determined to address chartered flights issue

In response to these developments, a spokesperson for the Chicago Sky expressed the team’s determination to address the issue and ensure that their players have access to the same travel benefits as other teams in the league. “We are actively working to resolve the situation and provide our players with the necessary support for their travel needs,” the spokesperson stated, emphasizing the team’s commitment to finding a solution.

The WNBA’s historic partnership with Delta was intended to address longstanding concerns about travel conditions for players, aiming to improve overall experiences and support player welfare. However, the challenges faced by the Chicago Sky highlight the complexities involved in implementing these changes across all teams.

As the season progresses, the focus remains on finding a resolution for the Sky’s travel arrangements, ensuring that all players have equitable access to essential resources. The ongoing discussions surrounding chartered flights serve as a reminder of the broader efforts to promote fairness and support within the WNBA.


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