Angel Reese Throws Shade at Caitlin Clark and Charles Barkley Over Chartered Flight Comment With Cryptic Tweet

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Angel Reese’s cryptic social media post after the Chicago Sky’s win over the New York Liberty hints at the discourse surrounding chartered flights WNBA and shades rookie sensation Caitlin Clark.  After the Chicago Sky’s impressive victory over the New York Liberty, Angel Reese took to social media to share what appeared to be a cryptic post seemingly aimed at Caitlin Clark and the struggling Indiana Fever.

Reese’s comments seemed to allude to the buzz surrounding Caitlin Clark, who recently became the first WNBA player to receive a chartered flight this season.  However, if we zoom out a little bit and look back on the developing saga under the name of WNBA charter flight, we could see where it is coming from.

Her post hinted at the notion of achieving a win without relying solely on the influence of a single player, indirectly addressing the attention and privileges Clark has garnered. This could lead to adding fuel to the existing discourse about chartered flights in the WNBA and the disparities in treatment among players and teams.

A Rivalry in Development Between Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese

Although this was not the first time temperature rose between two of the top rookies in the women’s basketball regime, they already had furious exchanges a couple more times.  During pivotal moments like the Elite Eight matchup between Iowa and LSU in the 2024 March Madness tournament, the basketball fans witnessed the first dose of their arch rivalry. However, things also turned frustrating for Clark when her composition with Reese overshadowed Iowa’s NCAA championship earlier this year.

As the top picks in the 2024 WNBA Draft – Clark went to the Fever and Reese to the Sky – their rivalry has not wavered their respect for each other. Reese’s memorable gestures during LSU’s victory in the 2023 title game, including the playful “you can’t see me” wave and the pointed reference to LSU’s championship ring, added a layer of drama to their on-court encounters.

But, despite external scrutiny on Reese’s showmanship, Clark stood by her, exemplifying sportsmanship and camaraderie. Likewise, when Clark achieved a historic milestone by breaking the NCAA Division I women’s basketball scoring record, Reese was there to support her.

Charles Barkley Calls Out WNBA to Stop Hating Caitlin Clark

Charles Barkley recently commented backing LeBron James’ sentiments as he urges the WNBA community to cease the petty treatment towards Caitlin Clark. Barkley, the former Phoenix Suns star and current ‘Inside The NBA’ analyst on TNT, criticizes the pettiness directed towards the Indiana Fever rookie guard by other WNBA players and former stars.

Acknowledging LeBron James’ support of Clark, Barkley emphasizes the need to appreciate Clark’s contributions to the league, highlighting the benefits she brings in terms of increased visibility, financial gains, and private charters.  He also encouraged women in the WNBA to elevate their support for Clark, acknowledging her impact on the league and discouraging petty behaviors commonly associated with insecurity.

Furthermore, Charles Barkley extends a personalized message to Caitlin Clark, thanking her for her positive influence and financial contributions to the WNBA.  In contrast to the critics like Sheryl Swoopes and Diana Taurasi, who initially downplayed Clark’s achievements and warned of forthcoming challenges, Barkley stands out by praising Clark’s impact on the league.  Despite the Indiana Fever’s slow start to the season, Barkley went on to recognize Clark’s efforts and the opportunities she has brought to the WNBA.


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