Angel Reese takes to Instagram to reveal boyfriend Cam’Ron Fletcher’s embarrassing secrets

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It is a well-known fact that communication is an important part of a well-being couple. Keeping the lines open and not being afraid to share with our significant other is vital for healthy relationships. However, as Angel Reese recently revealed, too much “communication” can also be harmful.

Taking advantage of the end-of-year holidays, LSU Tigers forward Angel Reese and her boyfriend, Cam’Ron Fletcher, decided to take a trip to New York. Between walks, visits to tourist places, and normal activities on a pleasure trip, the couple took time to do a Live session on Instagram.  It was during this broadcast where Bayou Barbie revealed her boyfriend’s dark Christmas secret, to the surprise and delight of her followers on social media.

Cam’Ron’s dark secret

Between laughter and mutual barbs, Reese decided to share with her followers that Fletcher is incapable of keeping a secret, not even when it comes to surprise parties or Christmas gifts.  “Every time he gives me something, let me tell y’all,” Angel shared, “every time he buys me something or gives me something or surprises me, he can never keep it a secret because he wants to tell me and show me right away. He can never keep a secret.”  Cam’Ron’s impatience has even affected their holiday schedule: “We have to open our Christmas gifts already because of him.”

It’s not Fletcher’s only secret

Already into revelations, Reese decided to share a part of her boyfriend’s beauty routine that she doesn’t approve of, and she even had to enlist the help of her boyfriend’s mother.  “Mrs. Blue, come, get your son! He thinks he has to put mousse in his hair so it can be curly,” Angel implored, laughing.

The couple is making the most of their respective teams’ Christmas breaks. Both must return to the court on December 30, with Angel facing the Jacksonville Dolphins and Cam’Ron’s Florida State Seminoles taking on the Lipscomb Mustangs.


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