Angel Reese surprises with new look amid NCAA controversy and return to basketball

Angel Reese surprises with new look


Angel Reese has been a major talking point over the past month. This week the NCAA basketball star made a sensational return to the courts after an extended absence.  It was on November 14 when Reese was sidelined during LSU’s game against Kente state- a decision that raised plenty of eyebrows given her importance on the team. She didn’t make a single appearance in the four games that followed, which sparked plenty of speculation over why she wasn’t playing.

Angel Reese surprises with new look

She marked her return with an 89-point victory over McNeese State on Thursday. “Everyone has a chapter they don’t read out loud. just remember, this my world y’all just living in it,” said Reese on Instagram after the game- a message which seemed to hint at some sort of recent personal struggle.

Reese’s return is great news for both team and fans. She marked it with a special makeover from the ‘weave ologist’, getting some glamorous and extra-long hair extensions. “40-inch BUSS DOWNNNN,” commented the college star on the video of her new look posted by the salon’s Instagram account.  Fans couldn’t get enough of the look, flocking to the comments to express their approval for her new style. “Soooo pretty she’s definitely a Barbie,” commented one user. “40in is crazy thooooo,” wrote another.


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