“Angel Reese Got Me Dead”: 21YO NCAA Champion “Back With Her Babies” Impresses Fans With Quirky Moves

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Angel Reese’s incredible summer continues to turn heads. Her personality can divide basketball fans, but her unapologetic demeanor means she doesn’t care about those who don’t approve of her. She has built brilliant connections and at just 21 years of age, her brand is ringing loud. She may have already hit the $1 million mark and bigger fortunes wait for her.  This is why she is always herself and doesn’t need to hide who she is. In another such example, she is seen busting a bunch of dance moves. Who can stop Reese from goofing around?

Angel Reese winds down

Last season, the LSU Center was burning everyone with her low-post moves. Her ability to carve out space in the low-block made her an absolute threat. She has a strong lower body and a flexible upper body that enables her to pluck rebounds over other players.  Her size stands out, but it is her footwork that allows her to be one of the best players at her level. No one had more 20+ points and 10+ rebounds games than her and her shooting also kept improving.

This will be her last season for LSU before she potentially enters the WNBA Draft in what will be a stacked draft list. Before all of this, she will have to sweat it out in the gym and stay in shape for the NCAA season.  However, there is still a lot more scope for improvement and the current window is crucial for the team as they will begin their title defense. Flau’jae Johnson is also balling out and her game took another spurt this season. She has Shaq’s attention just like Reese. As of now, the players are blowing off steam early on and are having some fun in the practice.

In one such instance, Reese posted a story of her dancing with her teammates. Her story was captioned, “back wit my babiessss🥹” and redirects to an Overtime WBB video, where they groove to Stayed Together by XBlvck. A jovial Reese is rolling her hands across one another and isn’t afraid of busting out some moves.


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Of course, her fans joined in on the fun, too.
Reese’s fans chime in

Of course, another shenanigan by the LSU superstar kept fans interested. In one of the comments, a user stated, “Angel got me deadddd😭😭”

A fan couldn’t figure out the low-block player’s dance moves, stating, “Please what is angel doing😭😭😭😭”

A commenter found the Center’s dance a bit off-beat but had bigger concerns, stating, “Angel rhythm a lil iffy but imma be quiet we need them double doubles this year.”

A user thinks that LSU’s style quotient is high, stating, “Nobody and I mean nobody has swagger like LSU.”

A fan believes that the team will defend the title, declaring, “Back to back 🔥”


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