Actor Morgan Freeman is definitely not a ‘Swiftie’ but a massive Patrick Mahomes fan

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Even though it seems Taylor Swift’s latest involvement in the NFL has taken over all Kansas City Chiefs fans, there are some that don’t actually care about it. Those can be considered to not be ‘Swifties’ at all and actor Morgan Freeman just spoe for every single one of them. There are many NFL fans who actuallly love other aspects of the Kansas City Chiefs’ current season, such as watching Patrick Mahomes play. Freeman’s response can’t be taken as a dig at Taylor Swift or Travis Kelce. It is simply a response of a football fan who deeply cares about the game itself and not everything else that may surround it at times.

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During a television show for CBS, the hosts were inquisitive about Morgan Freeman’s passion for the Kansas City Chiefs. As a long life fan of the team, the Academy Award-winning actor is thoroughly enjoying the Patrick Mahomes era. When asked about the new Taylor Swift fever, he made it clear he is not excited about it one bit. Taylor Swift fans may quickly take offense as Freeman may have revealed he is not a Swiftie. And you know how intense Swifties can get when their idol is attacked or even ignored. Here’s what Freeman said about the new couple: “I don’t think about them at all. It’s great to watch Pat run, you know, escape. He’s got a rifle for an arm, that’s all good. That’s what I’m interested in.”

Will Taylor Swift attend the next Kansas City Chiefs game?

There currently is no confirmation whether Taylor Swift will make the trip to Denver for the Chiefs game against the Broncos on Sunday. However, there is already plenty of hype surrounding this possibility. The popstar is beloved across the country and Colorado folk are already waiting for her with open arms. Unfortunately for Morgan Freeman, most people are definitely excited for Taylor Swift’s presence at NFL stadiums and there is nothing he can do about it.


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